About Me

Well, I suppose I should say a little about myself to those who don’t know me and even those who do.
I live in a town situated in the middle of the land of corn (that’s Illinois, not to be confused with Dixie, the land of cotton). My home is an essentially one-story storefront apartment, a few blocks from a railroad depot.
Let’s see, I happen to be an avid Star Wars fan. I challenge anyone to present something about Star Wars that I don’t know. I also know just about every detail of the five battles of Coruscant. I’ve probably read a majority of the non-juvenile Star Wars books, and I own four of the movies (3-6), as well as watched my share of fanfilms.
I’ve been on a 3D graphics ‘kick’ for nearly a year. I’m not very proficient, but I’ve studied nearly everything I could find on the subject. I also have a small team of computer gurus, one of whom I’ve never met in person.
I’m also interested in the fields of computer programming and machinima (the making of movies and other media through video games). I like fishing as well, despite not having caught anything for most of my life.
Now, though, I stand upon the proverbial "threshold of my life," the point where up becomes down and nothing makes sense anymore. I’m 18 and a recent HS graduate. For those who haven’t reached this stage yet, it’s like being shoved down a dark corridor like in the movies, with a glowing door at the end. And you can feel yourself being shoved closer and closer towards this door. But you’re confused. Where is the door? Is it the right one? And how will I know?
But I try not to dwell on that too much. For I have a Guide that gives me stability in life. That’s God, and I know that He is always willing to stand by me.

See what you’re getting into…before you go there. Check it out!

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