DS Paint

As a gamer and graphics enthusiast, it doesn’t take much to get me excited about Bob Sabiston’s new drawing program, exclusively for the Nintendo DS. The DS has formerly featured stylus-driven paint options in its games, but there has not been any officially released game specifically designed for drawing, despite various "homebrew" applications released over the Internet.

The game will apparently be able to handle simple cartoon-style drawings, as well as realistic portraits. 


The software will also use a type of "flip-book style" animation. Sound will be provided through the system’s built-in microphone, and Wi-Fi will offer online storage for the users’ art. The DS’s top screen will show an overview of the entire "canvas," while the bottom screen will provide a detailed close-up of one area.

This could be a really popular program as it does away with expensive drawing tablets and special operating systems for the computer. The simplicity of it is quite refreshing. However, a release date has not been announced at the time of this writing.


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