Sweet Corn Fest

What a weekend I’ve had! The annual Sweet Corn Festival is only just finishing. It’s seemingly non-stop fun and noise. The vendors were selling food and wares to anyone who passed by, and amusement park rides offered excitement to anyone brave enough to try.

 Well, let me start by telling you about the beginning. It was Thursday, and the festival was only just beginning. My dog Sam and I took a walk through the place and experienced the sounds and the smells wafting from open grills and old-style ice cream machines. The spinning, racing, swinging rides did everything to promote the taste of excitement and anticipation in the air.

On Friday, the festivities were in full swing. Although there wasn’t much to do before noon, I only needed to look out my second-story window to see that everything was very much alive. In the evening, there were crowds almost everywhere. My father said that the fair was relatively deserted, but I didn’t much care. There was a band concert on a large stage by a nearby park, and music boomed along the streets. I joined up with some friends and later went on the bumper cars ride. I can’t say that I was particularly miserable that night.

Saturday was a real treat. One of the highlights was a magician who always performed on the street corner nearest to the apartment that I live in. I knew that it was time to unpack the trusty video camera and record the well-known variation of the "cut-people-in-half" routine. Instead of a box, there was only a cape for the assistant and an arched block of wood for the drill saw to rest on.

After dinner, there was another concert performance by "Captain Groovy." They did a lot of old songs from the ’70s; I would’ve stayed longer, but there was a movie on later. lol

Sunday was really the big day. After church in the morning, I came back to find almost no parking spots within 4 or 5 blocks of downtown. I was really surprised to find a spot less than a block away from the south end of the festival. It was, however, almost right in front of the police station. I ate lunch and then got ready for the big parade.

Before the parade, I again met up with some friends to hand out Bible tracts. Once the floats started coming by, I mainly settled down to watch. There were the police cars and the fire trucks of course, but there were also many corn-themed floats as well! 

Once the parade ended, though, there was still the main highlight of that weekend. Almost everyone rushed back to the main festival grounds where an old steam engine was used to cook roughly 80 tons of sweet corn. I had had quite enough, however, and preceded back home (about 50 feet from where the corn was dished out) for some much needed rest. That evening I went swimming to conclude such a long and exciting weekend!


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