Work Day

I’ve spent the weekend renovating the house mentioned earlier. It’s been a lot of work, and much more still remains. Fortunately, there’s been a group from the church helping out. The last few days would have turned out very differently without them.

On Saturday, the basement was cleaned and partly painted with a sealant designed to keep out moisture. Old wooden walls were knocked down in the same area and left to be picked up later. Meanwhile, we began to strip the wallpaper in my new room and examine the underlying walls. The hallway ceiling was taken down, and the entrance to the attic moved.

Today (Sunday), the wallpaper in the hallway started coming down, though the linoleum underneath is still intact in places. The junk in the basement now combined with plaster and shredded wallpaper from the upper story and was thrown out a piece at a time.

The work has proceeded well for the most part, though the extent of the building’s poor condition is only now becoming apparent. To summarize the general feeling of my family and friends: IT ALL MUST GO! I know that soon it will all be over, but that time is still a long way away.


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