First Day of School

Here I am at the beginning of my first year of full-time college life. That first day after summer is always hard because I always have to change my routine completely in ust one day. Such is the way of life, they say.
Today I had the usual confusion, the finding of classes, the bumbling into the wrong class, that sort of thing. Fortunately, everything went mostly pretty well.
The first class, science, was great. Everyone said that the teacher was good, and I found myself agreeing. He explained everything about the class and seemed very amiable. One strange thing, though, was that there was a sign language interpreter, which was a new experience for me.
Another strange thing was that the English class was in a computer lab. This did make some sense because of the commonplace nature of word processing. Still, though, I got misdirected and confused until I spotted a faculty member that I knew who was gracious enough to confirm the room number.
There was another class, math, but I had little trouble or excitement there. The teacher was, at least, fair, and I succeeded in staying interested and focused on what was going on. I did, however, end up short one of the materials, which necessitated a visit to the bookstore before I could complete future assignments.

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