The Everything Weekend

This weekend has been filled with enough stuff to last for a week!

The renovations are now in the second week, and everything seems to be going well. As usual, Saturday was spent doing what we could to fix up the place. We now have an industrial-grade steamer on loan from the hardware store, which loosens the wallpaper and paint in double-quick time. Both of the bedrooms have new ceilings, as well as the hallway.

There’s been a lot of water in the basement, though. It just keeps coming in through the walls, the floor, or whatever. After the water dried, one of my friends and I carried junk out of one of the basement rooms. Most of it was part of some old shower that never got put in.

Add to that my recent computer problems, and it was really shaping up to be the pits. On that same Saturday, our computer was attacked by a number of different viruses. None of us were quite sure what to do about it. It was so bad that almost no work could be done on that machine!

But then came the trip on Sunday. It was supposed to be a simple ride with my parents up to an open house hosted by a local university. It turned out to be a nightmare as my dear father passed up the street twice, and it took us an hour-and-a-half through heavy traffic to arrive at the right building, the Intercontinental.

The Intercontinental was located along scenic Michigan Avenue, a.k.a. "The Magnificent Mile," which was "magnificently" hard to get to. We quickly found our way to the King Arthur Court Ballroom and made our way in. The staff was cordial and related the basics and beyond of what I needed to know about the school.

After getting back to our car, it took us about the same amount of time to leave the city as it did to enter it. By that time, however, I was almost too tired to care. 


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