Spirit Day

Today was Spirit Day at the college. At this time, the late morning classes were canceled or met to talk about things relating to the school and the students. During my first class, the teacher and one of the deans discussed graduatin and college in general. They shared some experiences and talked about transfers, what to expect in different schools, and so on.
Immediately following everyone left for a student convocation where the faculty members were all present in their caps and gowns. There were more talks on graduation, advice for new students, and repeats of what had been said before. Then everyone moved outside to where all the festivities were being held.
Outside, there was plenty to see and do. The area was mainly filled by various on-campus organizations. There was food and games of all kinds, including pizza, ice cream, an enormous chess set, and even a motion theater displaying various types of flying adventures. At occasional times, there was a contest for students to claim T-shirts and other goodies fired out of a small "cannon."
After that, things quietly cooled down. I went to my last class of the day, math, and then left the campus. By then, everyone had left the activities, which had already been cleaned up, at least in large part.

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