Purchased a New Computer

Thanksgiving is come and gone, which means that the Christmas season is already here! I’ve recently been checking out prices of laptops, and the beginning of the holiday season seemed like the perfect time seemed like the perfect time to get one.
I found a Lenovo Y410, possibly the last computer that Staples had in-stock. It has a Pentium Dual-Core T2310 (1.46 GHz) processor, 1 GB of RAM, 160 GB HDD, 14.1" Widescreen LCD display, and SuperMulti DVD+R drive with integrated webcam and media card reader. Video card is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, and the OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.
I had to wait in-line for nearly an hour before buying it. But then, it was totally worth it.

Chess Pieces Coming To Life

I’ve studied 3D graphics for well-over one year now. But I have never attempted a significant animation project. With the introduction of a little chess, that will quickly change.

I’ve now begun to actively work towards the production phase of a new chess animation project. The style is doing to be that of a cartoon, but I feel that the undertaking is bold. Even doing a cartoon-quality project will require vast amounts of time and labor.

One of the things that I feel is important is that most of the crew be located nearby. My experience indicates that if everyone is spread across four continents and six countries, the participants will drift away because of time zones and distance. I will, however, outsource across the Internet if necessary, but in such a case, I prefer to use pre-established connections with artists, rather than use an open forum or message board.

There’s still more people to engage in this cartoon, but I feel that most of the crew has been selected, even if they haven’t all accepted. I’m still trying to develop a pipeline that’s professional, yet informal. I’ll be organizing people into positions that are broken down by category (modeling, texturing, animation, etc.). Many of the people will be doing more than one job, but that’s part of the learning experience.

That Darn Cat

This morning my mother picked up a charcoal-gray kitten. She was out on her morning walk and felt that she had to take this wild animal home with her. She gave this creature some of the pets’ food and seemed to think that she was doing to keep it on the front porch.
I knew that this could not happen. Especially once Dad came home and found this cat that didn’t belong in our house. The only thing to do was to let it out. I opened the screen door on the porch as I was leaving for school. After a bit of coaxing, it hesitantly made its way out. With the job done, I headed across the street to my car.
As I got in and prepared to start the engine, I noticed that the cat had followed me. It was, in fact, headed straight for the car that was within a few seconds of starting. I had no choice but to get the cat away from the car, so I could pull out. After a bit more coaxing, it began to re-cross the street but stopped in the middle of the street. The cat then tilted its head back as I watched and began to preen its fur. I had to now shoo that rascal out of the street before the inevitable vehicle bore down on it.
Fortunately, everything turned out well. I later learned that the cat hung around for quite awhile, but then left. I was telling the story the story all day at the college, and it became an interesting topic of discussion. In the end, it was a nic cat, but I’m increasingly bothered by my mother’s ‘hospitality.’