My Computer: May It Rest in Peace

Here I pour out the sad story of the much-loved family computer. It had a happy life up until about three weeks ago. First, it began behaving erratically. It suddenly developed a profound tendency to restart without warning. If that wasn’t enough, the hard drive then crashed completely. Now it sits waiting to be "repaired."

Now I’m stuck with my laptop, which doesn’t let me do much except for simple tasks. Ah, well. I hope that there are some out there who can sympathize with me.


To Vacation…Or Bust!

Last week I was visiting my grandparents. It was supposed to be a routine trip up to Michigan while my parents went on a trip with friends. However, it started out worse than anyone was ready for.

Just as my grandparents and I were stopping at a fast-food restaurant just outside town for breakfast, my father called. He told us that their car had been wrecked by a deer who had jumped in front of the vehicle. Fortunately, they were able to get in another vehicle and continue their trip.

We were able to complete our own journey safely (thankfully!), and I spent a quiet evening settling in to my grandparents’ home.


I spent Monday at my grandparents’ cabin, which was farther north of their home near Grand Rapids. I busied myself picking weeds and connecting the TV that they had in the cabin’s living room. I also spent time taking pictures at the nearby river and alpaca farm. Later, a truck came by, and I watched the men offload a new shed a short distance from the cabin.




Tuesday passed uneventfully for the most part. I spent some time in the afternoon helping my grandma pick weeds around the abortion memorial in a nearby cemetery.



On Wednesday, my grandparents took me to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. I walked through the garden areas and observed the flowers, tropical plants, and sculptures lining the walks. I again had my camera with me and photographed everything of interest. Near the end of the trip, we visited one of the largest exhibits at the Gardens — a 24-foot-tall bronze sculpture of a horse, called "The American Horse."




Thursday, I went to a nearby park.There were walking paths and a fish pond, in addition to a playground and pavilion. That afternoon, my grandmother took me to get new tennis shoes, but they were all a size too small. Otherwise, I spent much of my time entertaining myself by reading, listening to music, or fiddling with my laptop.



The trip finally ended. We left early and arrived in early afternoon. My parents came home later after work, and we enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant before my grandparents had to leave.