Yaf(a)Ray 0.1.0 Released

The YAFRay team has released version 0.1.0 of their advanced raytracing system. The new system is a comple retooling of the existing YAFRay rendering software. But just what is YAFRay?

YAFRay (Yet Another Free Raytracer) is a standalone raytrace rendering system capable of producing high-quality 3D imagery. It’s capable of full GI and Skydome Illumination, as well as caustics and depth-of-field simulations. YAFRay’s .xml scene description format can be easily exported from many popular 3D applications including Blender3D and Wings3D.

Best of all, YafRay is, well, free. The latest version Yaf(a)Ray can be easily downloaded from www.yafray.org for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Yaf(a)Ray