Blenducation: Online Classes for Blender

Want to learn Blender, but struggling with tutorials? Perhaps you’d like to study in a collaborative learning environment that focuses on Blender? Look no further! offers free online classes with highly capable and experienced instructors from the Blender community.
It is both simple and easy to use Blenducation. First, in order to sign up for classes, a person must register his or her username. Then simply click one of the available dates in the right-hand calendar to sign up for that day’s class. A half-hour before the start of the class, all participants will receive an e-mail with a link to enter the class. During the live session, the instructor’s computer screen can be shared with the rest of the class, ensuring that there is a visual element to the the instruction. A live chat and electronic whiteboard rounds out the list of features.
If you are a Blender user looking for information on how o further your abilities as a modeller and animator, then Blenducation is for you! It’s the perfect opportunity to further your 3D education for free or at a low cost.