July the Fourth

It’s taken awhile to get these pictures up here. I’ve just been distracted by other things (I’m only 20 so give me a break). I was at the local fireworks display here in my hometown with my family. I set up with a tripod and a digital camera a ways off and took a few pictures before the start to "establish the setting." An interesting part of this setup was that the fireworks appeared near the moon. Whether this was by design or merely coincidental, I don’t know.

So after we sat for awhile a few fireworks got sent up, and I started shooting away. The camera I used had a handy fireworks setting, which I used almost exclusively. Then there was another wait until the show finally got started. This is some of what I came away with.

Then of course, there was a finale to make the show even more spectacular.
This was a very interesting Fourth of July fireworks display for me, not the least of which was being able to take good fireworks pictures for the first time. I hope you enjoyed my small selection here and enjoyed whatever celebrations you had as much as I did mine.