My New(er) Darkroom

This has been a long time in coming. I actually started to put this together in July and did not complete it until November. There was a lot of equipment to get, and I took time to find a lot of the stuff secondhand on eBay. So here it is: my less-than-ideal B&W darkroom that I set-up myself.

I started this project in part due to a desire to use black-and-white infrared film. I got a developing tank, measuring graduates, chemicals, plastic jugs, and the rest so that I could develop film. Some of the items were easily obtainable such as a plastic water jug and twine to hang drying film on.

I then continued to acquire items. I bought a used Omega B-22 enlarger, followed by the print trays, focusing scope, safelight, etc. The upstairs bathroom that I chose for the darkroom came included with a window, which gave me some trouble getting it lighttight. A piece of blackout plastic took care of that (fairly well).

So I can get my pictures developed and printed all at home. Outsourcing black-and-white film and prints is costly and time-consuming and without personal control over the results. It’s a very unique and rewarding process for anyone willing to do extra work. I just love the simplicity of a black-and-white image. At the very least, it’s cool to do. Although whenever I do color, I send it off to a lab. I just don’t have the capability to do color processing.


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