Olympiad 2010

A few weeks ago was Olympiad at HU. Olympiad is a series of Olympic-styled games and tournaments where four teams compete to see who is the best. It is also a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I did not participate this year, but I did shoot quite a number of photographs and video. I’m still digitizing and editing the video footage, but here are a few selects from among the Olympiad photos.

I took a couple of shots at my dorm of people getting ready for the opening ceremonies on Thursday night. This was taken with my Pentax AF200T flash and 18-55mm lens.


The last event of the night was dodgeball. This picture is from the first round. During the second, I was able to get in due to several open spots on the team.

This is an example of the low-light capabilities of my camera. This picture was taken at ISO 1250 using my 80-200mm f/3.9 zoom lens.



This is the cornhole event. What I experimented with here was flagging off part of the flash with my hand after seeing the effect caused by a person’s head.



Non-athletic contests involved pumpkin carving where each team rushed to complete their carving before any of the other teams.  



Olympiad is certainly a lot of fun as these cheering people can plainly attest to.  Lens is the 18-55mm. It’s not the greatest, but it does zoom and is currently my only autofocus-capable lens. Main light is the Pentax on-camera flash with a Sunpak 611 providing rim light. Flash sync was with a Wein Peanut.

Same light setup as before. In this one, you can see the streak of light on the background from the unflagged Sunpak. B/W conversion was done in Pentax Digital Camera Utility 4.

  During one part of Olympiad, a series of water
games were held at the nearby YMCA. Here, two men attempt to gain possession of the ball during water polo.

In order to get this shot, I used a slow shutter speed of 1/30 at f/3.9 ISO 800 with Shake Reduction. My flash set to rear curtain sync. In order to avoid the fluorescent lighting from affecting the color, I set the WB to Cool White Fluorescent and taped a Rosco Plusgreen filter in front of my flash.

The Synchronized Swimming event was for me the highlight of the weekend. Technically, it’s the same as before except with the 85mm f/2 lens and a shutter of 1/40.


  This is a shot of the card tournament using available light with the 18-55mm lens at f/4 1/25 ISO 1000.

Posing for pictures after the closing ceremonies.

50mm lens wide-open at f/2 1/20 sec ISO 1600


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