2011 Jr. Wheelchair Basketball

In March, I watched a championship of kids playing wheelchair basketball. It was really by chance that I happened to go to the recreational center at Huntington University in time to catch this event. I showed up to shoot an Ultimate tournament, but when I found out that there was some confusion in terms of where it was happening, I heard about this. As soon as I arrived on the field, I pulled out my camera and started clicking away.

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49 Hour Film Competition

Last weekend the Digital Media Arts Animation department at Huntington University participated in the 49 Hour Film Competition hosted by the MG Collective in Indianapolis. The goal of the competition was to make a short animated film in only 49 hours from concept to final submission. Five teams and about two dozen students took part. While I was not directly involved in any of the groups, I did have the pleasure of helping to document the event.

Steve Leeper

Prof. Steve Leeper talking during a production meeting to kick off the competition.

Production meeting

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