49 Hour Film Competition

Last weekend the Digital Media Arts Animation department at Huntington University participated in the 49 Hour Film Competition hosted by the MG Collective in Indianapolis. The goal of the competition was to make a short animated film in only 49 hours from concept to final submission. Five teams and about two dozen students took part. While I was not directly involved in any of the groups, I did have the pleasure of helping to document the event.

Steve Leeper

Prof. Steve Leeper talking during a production meeting to kick off the competition.

Production meeting

The 2D puppet animation group using ToomBoom Animate Pro

Some of the participants talking after the meeting

The hand-drawn animation group

The 3D animation group

Joshua Doolan flips through his animated cels.

2d, cel animation

Jon Willard studying his drawing.

animation wheel, pencil, traditional

Another one of Jon drawing.

2D traditional cel animation

Matt The Nelson doing more drawing,

Christian Washington animates a stop-motion scene.

Christian poses a character for stop-motion.

Lee Peffer poses a stop-motion character.

Keff Beasley records sound effects in the Becker 3rd studio room.Curtis Yeager and Justin Siemens record foley sound.

Tyson Cocks composites 3D rendered images in Adobe After Effetcs

All that animation makes everyone hungry!


maya modelling

Curtis Wood studies a 3D character model in Autodesk Maya.

Pizza: A mainstay of the animator’s diet.



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