Night of Music

In April, I attended an event called the Night of Music at HU, which was hosted by the Student Activities Board. I listened to some great music and had an opportunity to stretch some photographic muscle. This was a good opportunity to exercise some techniques that I needed in the extremely poor lighting situation. Since the spotlights often did not directly illuminate the subjects and sometimes gave harsh, partially lit results, I realized that using flash was important to get good images. I used a CTO gel to balance flash with the ambient lighting, due to the slow shutter speed I was using. I also taped a diffuser in front of the flash to both soften the light a bit and absorb some of the flash output so that  the flash didn’t overwhelm the existing lighting.




































Listening to three or so bands from different colleges was interesting, and they were all at least pretty good. The opening band for the night, TAHBI, played hard and performed well with some good songs. I generally try to make it to their local performances, as I have gotten to know the members fairly well in the past year. I’ll simply end by saying ,”Bravo!” to the bands and to SAB for putting on the event. I only wish that my ears weren’t ringing so hard with the sound of screaming guitars later that night.


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