Cinematography Projects

I took a couple of cinematography classes in the past year, and I finally decided to post my work here. The first film is based on a conspiracy theme and was done for a lighting assignment. I functioned mainly as a grip. The second film is a montage sequence where I was a grip/gaffer.

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Blender Matcaps

One of the recent developments in Blender is Matcaps. One problem with trying to us textures and materials in the viewport is that there is a significant performance decrease when working with complex scenes. Matcaps addresses this issue by using textures that provide nicer realtime display using GLSL with low memory usage and relatively fast performance. These textures provide both color and reflection information, and can simulate an environment texture. Customized matcaps can also be added to the default library. The feature affects only the selected object, which further reduces the overhead, as well as making it useful for sculpting.

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Blender matcap




Blender matcap

A simple way to create a normal map?