Paul and Jennifer’s Wedding

Last weekend my family celebrated my cousin Jennifer’s wedding in Ohio. It had been a few years since I had seen her and other members of the family, so the event was even more special as a reunion.

The wedding itself went extremely well with the priest sharing some deeply resonating words during the short, but memorable ceremony. The ceremony was held in a gazebo built out onto a lake with the reception held in a building just behind the seating area. At the end of the day, I knew that not only had the wedding been a time of heartfelt moments and a good time for all, but I had been able to share in Jennifer and Paul’s memories and observe the beginning of their journey together.

As someone who is rarely seen at an event not suitably equipped with my camera, I made sure to capture many pictures for myself and for the family. I encourage taking a look at the gallery below, and I hope that the images will convey some of the emotion of the day.


Paul and Jennifer’s Wedding, a set on Flickr.


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