2015 Oscar Picks

Once again the Academy Awards are around the corner, so here I am presenting my picks of who will win tomorrow. As listing all the categories here would make this post much too lengthy, I will restrict myself to just those areas that I am most familiar with. So to start off with, here is my pick for Best Visual Effects.

Best Visual Effects


I feel that this is a tight race between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Interstellar. Interstellar leans towards the spectacular side of VFX, while Dawn focuses on seamless VFX in recreating San Francisco and hundreds of digital apes. I feel that the film uses digital characters in a way that is beyond what has been done before, which is why I feel that this award belongs to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the excellent artists at Weta and ILM. Also, the VES Awards held earlier this month are a good metric of what will win here, although according to Todd Vaziri’s “Oscar PredictinatorGuardians of the Galaxy has the best mathematically-derived chance of winning.

Best Animated Feature Film


With The LEGO Movie having been passed over for a nomination by the Academy, it seems more than likely that How to Train Your Dragon 2 will bring another Oscar to DreamWorks. The film is a fantastic outing by director Dean DeBlois and excels in everything from story to art to animation and FX. Also, considering how it carried the Annie Awards, it seems likely that the Academy will continue that precedent.

Best Animated Short Film


Disney’s “Feast” has a good chance of getting this award, but I would like to see “The Dam Keeper” win out. The short looks like it has a lot of character and an interesting, painterly art style.

Best Cinematography


I cannot clearly say who will win Best Cinematography, but my vote is for Unbroken. Roger Deakins is perhaps the most-acclaimed cinematographer in Hollywood today and is a good choice for going all the way.


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