Superpose Automatic Cleanplate Creator

Superpose is a plugin from Keller Software for The Foundry’s NUKE and Adobe After Effects that automatically cleans up backgrounds and removes unwanted foreground objects. It does this by statistically analyzing each pixel and recreating the background behind moving objects in an image sequence or video clip. It is not meant to create a perfect, end result but can create very good results.

Cleanplating is a common technique in visual effects for removing unwanted objects or text, for stereo conversion, or for removing placeholders and tracking markers commonly used in VFX. Superpose dramatically increases the efficiency of this process over other manual methods, especially in cases where there are a large number of objects to remove. It should be noted, however, that because the plugin analyzes each frame for movement, any camera movement will foul up the image processing. In such cases, more traditional tracking and roto/paint methods must be used.

To learn more about Superpose and to purchase the plugin or download a watermarked demo version, go to

Superpose examples


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