Starting School

So here I am. I’ve finally arrived at Huntington University. I moved in this weekend, but it’s taken awhile to write this because my computer is being worked on. Yep, it’s a popular refrain with me but true.
I’m still adjusting to life here, but I’ve met a few people. The orientation for all new students on Sunday night helped me to understand the school a bit better as well as get the remaining paperwork and other first-time stuff taken care of. One of the new students that I met is originally from Sierra leone, and another is an exchange student from Germany. (No, Mom and Pop, I didn’t strike up a conversation in German).
Sunday morning I went to College Park Church. (There actually is a street named College Park, which is what the church is named after). I met several students from the college there and got to know some of them a little. The service was both enjoyable and thought-provoking. One other thing was that I met with a student that I knew from a previous visit and had lunch with him and my folks.
How do I actually feel about being here? Well, I’ve started to get used to being by myself more than at home. It’s kind of depressing not even having a roommate to talk to. I have structured my schedule somewhat so that i can at least eat with people I know sometimes. The guys on my floor are really great, too. I’m doing to do okay, I think, but I still get nagging urges to run home and sleep in my own bed.

A World of Wet

Last weekend I and my family experienced a terrible storm. Torrential rains and flooding made for a total pain.

From Saturday afternoon until Monday, water needed to be consistently pumped out of our basement. Hundreds of gallons of water were drained by filling buckets and dumping them away from the house. We had an electric pump, too, but that didn’t seem to make any headway, either.

During that first long afternoon, we were fortunate to have some of our friends come and help relieve some of the stress of hauling water buckets for long hours. Eventually, we got two more pumps working, and everyone managed to relax a little while the basement drained. It felt good when I no longer needed to regularly check the water level and make sure it stayed down.

My Computer: May It Rest in Peace

Here I pour out the sad story of the much-loved family computer. It had a happy life up until about three weeks ago. First, it began behaving erratically. It suddenly developed a profound tendency to restart without warning. If that wasn’t enough, the hard drive then crashed completely. Now it sits waiting to be "repaired."

Now I’m stuck with my laptop, which doesn’t let me do much except for simple tasks. Ah, well. I hope that there are some out there who can sympathize with me.

To Vacation…Or Bust!

Last week I was visiting my grandparents. It was supposed to be a routine trip up to Michigan while my parents went on a trip with friends. However, it started out worse than anyone was ready for.

Just as my grandparents and I were stopping at a fast-food restaurant just outside town for breakfast, my father called. He told us that their car had been wrecked by a deer who had jumped in front of the vehicle. Fortunately, they were able to get in another vehicle and continue their trip.

We were able to complete our own journey safely (thankfully!), and I spent a quiet evening settling in to my grandparents’ home.


I spent Monday at my grandparents’ cabin, which was farther north of their home near Grand Rapids. I busied myself picking weeds and connecting the TV that they had in the cabin’s living room. I also spent time taking pictures at the nearby river and alpaca farm. Later, a truck came by, and I watched the men offload a new shed a short distance from the cabin.




Tuesday passed uneventfully for the most part. I spent some time in the afternoon helping my grandma pick weeds around the abortion memorial in a nearby cemetery.



On Wednesday, my grandparents took me to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. I walked through the garden areas and observed the flowers, tropical plants, and sculptures lining the walks. I again had my camera with me and photographed everything of interest. Near the end of the trip, we visited one of the largest exhibits at the Gardens — a 24-foot-tall bronze sculpture of a horse, called "The American Horse."




Thursday, I went to a nearby park.There were walking paths and a fish pond, in addition to a playground and pavilion. That afternoon, my grandmother took me to get new tennis shoes, but they were all a size too small. Otherwise, I spent much of my time entertaining myself by reading, listening to music, or fiddling with my laptop.



The trip finally ended. We left early and arrived in early afternoon. My parents came home later after work, and we enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant before my grandparents had to leave.