New App from Adobe Creates 3D Models from Selfies

Right now there are an increasing number of tools to use photos to aid the 3D design process. ReCap360 and 123D Catch fom Autodesk are two popular options, along with PhotoModeler and the late ImageModeler from Realviz. Most modern matchmoving software can also create point clouds from photos. Adobe 2D to 3D Selfie Tool Continue reading


Paul and Jennifer’s Wedding

Last weekend my family celebrated my cousin Jennifer’s wedding in Ohio. It had been a few years since I had seen her and other members of the family, so the event was even more special as a reunion.

The wedding itself went extremely well with the priest sharing some deeply resonating words during the short, but memorable ceremony. The ceremony was held in a gazebo built out onto a lake with the reception held in a building just behind the seating area. At the end of the day, I knew that not only had the wedding been a time of heartfelt moments and a good time for all, but I had been able to share in Jennifer and Paul’s memories and observe the beginning of their journey together.

As someone who is rarely seen at an event not suitably equipped with my camera, I made sure to capture many pictures for myself and for the family. I encourage taking a look at the gallery below, and I hope that the images will convey some of the emotion of the day.


Paul and Jennifer’s Wedding, a set on Flickr.

The Canon SureShot

Canon SureShot TELEI want to say a few things here about my recently acquired Canon SureShot. It’s a camera that I was given by my dad that he had picked up from his work. My 35mm SLR recently died and so when he presented me with this camera, I was practically ecstatic. It doesn’t have the same quality of features or build as an SLR, but it is still a decent camera and can be had on Amazon for as little as $10-$15 when they formerly cost around $300 new. It is a fairly light camera, but still feels sturdy and while it relies on automatic exposure and focusing, it still makes a good “walking around camera.” I ran a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 (dreadful stuff, but I should have better film soon) through it during the local Hickok Days event, and while it forced me to work in a slightly different way than usual, it was a completely positive experience. Continue reading

Contest Photos

I’m entering Amateur Photographer of the Year 2012 and would appreciate some feedback. The theme is The World Up Close: Macro. Let me know which one you think is best.

Spherical HDR Images

The links below are the result of close to a month of work on CG lighting and compositing. The images were made by me using a 6″ chrome gazing ball, which I rigged to a tripod using a cheap DIY solution I came up with. To create the HDRIs, I used a combination of Photoshop and HDRShop 1.0, then converted them to LatLong coordinates. I then used the images to learn how to composite 3D models onto photo backgrounds.

I hope that these will be of use to someone besides just myself. The two .zip files contain the 23 HDRIs that I created.

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Night of Music

In April, I attended an event called the Night of Music at HU, which was hosted by the Student Activities Board. I listened to some great music and had an opportunity to stretch some photographic muscle. This was a good opportunity to exercise some techniques that I needed in the extremely poor lighting situation. Since the spotlights often did not directly illuminate the subjects and sometimes gave harsh, partially lit results, I realized that using flash was important to get good images. I used a CTO gel to balance flash with the ambient lighting, due to the slow shutter speed I was using. I also taped a diffuser in front of the flash to both soften the light a bit and absorb some of the flash output so that  the flash didn’t overwhelm the existing lighting.

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2011 Jr. Wheelchair Basketball

In March, I watched a championship of kids playing wheelchair basketball. It was really by chance that I happened to go to the recreational center at Huntington University in time to catch this event. I showed up to shoot an Ultimate tournament, but when I found out that there was some confusion in terms of where it was happening, I heard about this. As soon as I arrived on the field, I pulled out my camera and started clicking away.

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