Superpose Automatic Cleanplate Creator

Superpose is a plugin from Keller Software for The Foundry’s NUKE and Adobe After Effects that automatically cleans up backgrounds and removes unwanted foreground objects. It does this by statistically analyzing each pixel and recreating the background behind moving objects in an image sequence or video clip. It is not meant to create a perfect, end result but can create very good results. Continue reading


Ice Bucket Challenge and More

First of all, let me say that this has been 5 1/2 months in coming. I have finally made available a video that I shot last August for my town’s fire department, which was holding an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Hit the jump for the video and a short effects tutorial. Continue reading

Get Started with NUKE with This Guide from Digital-Tutors

Digital-Tutors has published an excellent introductory guide to The Foundry’s NUKE. The guide gives a very basic interview to NUKE compositing, and the basic steps of creating a simple composite. With its strongly beginner-oriented approach, this article accomplishes its stated goal of making this powerful software appear less-intimidating to first-time users well.

The original post can be accessed here.

Free Digital-Tutors Tutorial on Premultiplication in Nuke

Premultiplication and unpremultiplication are essential concepts for any compositing artist to master. Premultiply refers to performing a multiplication operation on the alpha and color channels of an image. Unpremultiplying then, refers to dividing the RGB image color by the alpha. Without the proper use of these techniques, edge artifacts and/or incorrect color correction can occur. Continue reading

Weekend Project #2

This semester at college I am doing a series of weekend projects. I am about to begin the second project in that series, which will be a simple test of slow-motion and some CG integration. I started my first project in January, but that post is still coming.

This project will involve a camera doing a 360 degree orbit around two people who appear to be frozen in place. I also want to simulate a water splash that will be between the two actors. The video will be filmed at 60fps and retimed to 120fps using optical flow with Kronos. Below are some drawings to illustrate my idea.ImageImage