New Tutorial on Sky Replacement in Photoshop

I’m very excited to share a new tutorial on replacing skies in Photoshop. In this video, I demonstrate how to use the Content-Aware Fill, Channels, Layer Mask, and Dodge/Burn tools to create a matte for the existing bland-looking sky and drop in a new sky.

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New App from Adobe Creates 3D Models from Selfies

Right now there are an increasing number of tools to use photos to aid the 3D design process. ReCap360 and 123D Catch fom Autodesk are two popular options, along with PhotoModeler and the late ImageModeler from Realviz. Most modern matchmoving software can also create point clouds from photos. Adobe 2D to 3D Selfie Tool Continue reading

Photoshop CC Upsampling Tutorial

I have finished a tutorial on how to upsample images in Adobe Photoshop CC with the new ‘Preserve Details’ feature. Upsampling is the process of mathematically interpolating new pixels to enlarge images based on the pixels surrounding them. If this video helps you, be sure to leave a comment below.

Photoshop 3D

Something that I’ve gotten excited about lately is Photoshop 3D. You can create simple 3D graphics, turn images into 3D objects, import 3D models from other applications, access a pre-built library of materials, and render using the Mercury Graphics Engine for raytracing. Enough stuff to constitute a run-on sentence!

The most exciting thing for me, however, is the ability to texture models using 3D projection painting, which allows you to texture models in 3D space and see the texture being applied as you work. Of course, you still have the ability to paint on the UV-map if you choose, and Photoshop makes this easy and simple to do, whether you’re painting diffuse, specular, bump, or transparency maps.

To learn more, you can check out my tutorials below.

Superhero Cards

I created these superhero cards for an Inspirational Design class. I designed the superhero character using photos that I cut up and untooned in Photoshop to match the sketch, then used the Bristle Brush Cloner in Corel Painter to give it a more ‘painted’ look. For the background, I worked in Photoshop with the Oil and Water brush.