Journey into Photogrammetry: 123D Catch

For a few years now, I have been using a program called 123D Catch, formerly known as Autodesk Photofly. Photogrammetry is a process of using photos and complex algorithms to mathematically determine where objects are in 3D space and what their shape is. I have had mixed success in using this software, but overall I have achieved some good results and gained a good understanding of which kinds of objects reconstruct well and which do not. Continue reading


My Experience in 3D Printing

Over the past school year, I have been working at my university, maintaining a recently acquired Makerbot Replicator. 3D printer. My responsibilities initially entailed figuring out how to produce consistent results and find the limits of the printer in terms of quality. I also researched information on printer operation and fixed any issues that would arise, including remounting gantry belts and unclogging nozzles. Eventually, I began accepting submitted 3D models from other students at the direction of my professors. The following is a collection of photos of some of the 3D prints that I created.